Life is a gift according to the optimist while the pessimist states otherwise. Neither of the two can really define what life is. The people who can significantly state if life is indeed a gift or not is none other than the parents. These people are the ones who have the decision-making capability to bring life or not in this world. Parents who define life as a gift are those who prepare well enough before a new life emerges under their banner. Although the term preparation is quite subjective there is still that minimum threshold to uphold to call it already being prepared yet only some are able to do it.


The preparation of the parents is actually the very first inheritance that is impliedly and automatically passed on to the children. Whatever is passed on they will live by it. If the preparation is well enough then the children are given the gift of life. As for those who inherited not enough then these are people on borrowed time. In this situation, people prioritize survival over appreciation. The responsibilities of the parents are passed on to them as part of their inheritance. This is the inheritance that no heir would want to have. Some would take it as a burden but some would take it as a challenge. Those who accept it as a challenge strive to give more value to themselves by doing indispensable actions that are valuable and in turn be appreciated by themselves and others. With consistent indispensable actions, it will pay off the responsibilities unwantedly inherited. By this time, these people will not be borrowing left or right, anymore. They will be living in their own time. And hopefully, they will be better prepared for their future children so that their children’s grandparents will be able to appreciate the gift of life more.

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