A way to keep a person motivated aside from listing tokens of appreciation (coins) and certificates of appreciation (bills) a.k.a money received on every payday is to list the valuable events behind it. These can be gestures of appreciation such as claps and thumbs-ups or sets of words of appreciation like “Great job! and “Well done!” from colleagues. Going further behind these are the various indispensable actions that led to successfully hitting the work deadlines with flying colors. Some of these actions are waking up early, preparing proactively, listening to instructions attentively, learning during training, having real rest during break time, helping others with problems thinking that no other person can fix them, and more. With these, the person can trace back and remember the needed things to be done to stay relevant, valuable, and appreciated. If the goal is to increase one’s value then all it takes to do is to also increase the repetition of these actions or widen the deeds that are related to these.

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