One day a thought came which lightened up the dark. It was appreciated.

On the second day, this thought employed oneself working to make sure there is a space between liquidity dividing it upward and downward, thought became The Self-Employed. It was appreciated.

On the third day, the thought formed a solid foundation with seeding milestones on top of it in which both are surrounded by lower liquidity. It was appreciated.

On the fourth day, thought cleared up monitoring cycles between producing and borrowing which are both supported by higher liquidity. It was appreciated.

On the fifth day, thought introduced lower liquidity and space with fertile, increasing, and filling creative arts that can be mastered and ruled. It was appreciated.

On the sixth day, thought stopped being self-employed by hiring employees that would till and tend to the liquidity, space, solid foundation, seeding milestones, creative arts and monitoring cycles and should not consume its central system for the whole system will be forgotten, thus, thought became The Business-Minded. It was appreciated.

On the seventh day, thought invested and gave everything to the employees including the idea of being business-minded, thus, thought became The Investor and rested.

One time, a self-employed creative art convinced one of the business-minded to consume the central system which made them forget the whole system and shameful of their actions. It was not appreciated. The self-employed and business-minded inevitably became employees doing hard labor in which they do not own just to get by.

Someday, new generations of those employees will become buds and think about lightening up the dark. It will be appreciated, again.

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