Most people treat money as a medium of exchange while others use it as keys to make things and events accessible but there are few who see money as their employees. To be specific, these people consider money as their marketing employees. The people who have this mindset are those who have the potential to have more of it or those who already have more of it.


The positive actions repetitively done to become one of them are to list the money surely coming in at the start of the month, and assign each of it by pairing it to its corresponding expenses, debt, emergency fund, savings, and investments. Never pair it with a generic role named ‘others’. Whatever happens, give individual monetary bill and coin its role as a marketing employee attracting other bills and coins from everywhere to hang out and eventually come back together as bigger, more appreciated, and more valued groups of marketing employees.


Have the intent of turning money to come back with more to grow and develop further just like a growing and developing employer that has employees eager to stay and even impliedly entice others to join in. Marketers are one of those employees who boosts growth and development. They are the ones who move money.

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