Just like money, debt is a tool, not something else. Those who have positive intent and know how to use a tool for progress make the device worthy to be used and kept. On contrary, those who have ill intent and twisted knowledge of the ways of using a tool for ruination make the device despicable and horrendous.


Way back in history, the tool called ‘debt’ was not one of the instruments which mostly diminished a person’s value as it can be paid off arbitrarily, however, the people lending it are the ones who are aggravated as time pass by. Due to it, debt is later backed by the so-called ‘interest’. Aside from serving as payment for borrowing such a resource, it drives the debtor to return it to its owner in a shorter span of time. This means that the attention should be more centered on the accompanied interest and not solely on the debt itself. This mechanism should be fully understood by the people who plan to use this tool to properly use it.


At first glance, debt with higher interest rates should be taken care of first. If it is not easy to compare then try combining the debt and interest and whichever has a higher result then prioritize taking care of it. To have an easier grasp on how related debt is to having cash, savings, and investment, just look at the interest.


Investments have very high to high positive interest rates that make investments more as the clock ticks although it can also be reversed from time to time. Savings also possess positive interest rates but are not as high as investments. Having cash still possess interest with the rate of 0% means it does not grow nor diminish on its own without considering other factors. Lastly, debt is paired with interest but only negatively. The more negative interest is kept makes cash, savings, and investments move away. Debt interest is the only interest in which people would rather choose boredom over it.

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